My Weekend – Dec 1 – Dec 3

The weekend is upon us and a busy one for me it will be. The following is my schedule (well some of it) so follow along at home and maybe I will run into you. As the holidays approach it seems there is less and less time to just sit back and relax. Hell, here it is late on a Friday and I am writing this – and many of you will be traveling on your Sunday to come to this great cold town of Chicago. For those of you coming into town for SES – may it be warmer then it was last year.

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Pubcon Vegas 2007- Its Almost Here

This will be my 4th year for Pubcon Vegas and my 6th Pubcon overall – I am sure that this will be another stellar time.

On a sad note I will be without some friends this time around.  Ever since Pubcon New Orleans back in 2005 I have had a great group of guys to hang out with – but it seems this year most of the group wont be making it. Id like to give a shout out to those in Australia, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, and San Francisco that won’t be making it.

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Tech Cocktail 6 – Chicago

Well I am still in the office and with a friend out of town and the girlfriend I would be heading down to Tech Cocktail on my own – so Im going home to rest up for the weekend.

For those in the Chicago area you really should check it out next time around. In July I met some of the guys from Threadless, a Ruby on Rails/Ajax developer, and a few other interesting people. I must admit that I did spend most of the night hanging out with former coworkers, the girlfriend and Sugarrae (who was in town for another reason).

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Pubcon or SES Chicago?

It is 1AM and I was just digging through some email, blogs, newsletters(I get way to many a day), and some random sites (Carlos Mencia vs Joe Rogan mostly). During my digging I saw a post by Danny over at SEL and it made me think of my Pre SES Chicago 2007 post and how or who is going to Pubcon and who is going to SES Chicago.

As December draws closer for the 2 conferences the scramble to get butts in seats for Pubcon and SES. will get stronger. However the I dont think the conferences are really competing. I have never thought of them as close in content or even just the spirit of them really. They both target different people and except in some rare cases really dont compete for the same audience.

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