Optimizing Marketing Operations – eMetrics Lite

This session started out with Gary Katz of Marketing Operations Partners running through A LOT of content somewhat quickly.

I didnt write down much of what he said, but I did get his “Top 10” style list

You know your marketing resources are at risk…..

  1. Your metrics for success are ill-defined
  2. People are slammed
  3. Institutional memory is leaking
  4. Creativity is suffering from constipation
  5. Team & supplier relationships are dysfunctional
  6. Decision making ….(ok so I didnt get them all)
  7. Marketing portfolio is lacking

Next up was Gary Angel of Semphonic and Nancy Abila of O’Reilly.

They talked about the process and used O’Reilly as the example.

Much of the presentation was them talking over slides (go figure, I know) and explaining the ups and downs and the process they went through to move O’Reilly more towards an Analytical Company.  They went over the process of getting buy-in from stakeholders, C-Levels, and everyone else. As this is the Lite version, I have included some of what I wrote down below:

Some of the Challenges they highlighted include:

  • Data integrity
  • Resources (busy teams)
  • Evolving online strategy
  • Changing tools and platforms

What does the Future hold?

  • Continue building the foundation
  • Longer term – continue to educate, process of road map project, and create culture of actionable analytics

Deep Data Diving – eMetrics Lite

I am at eMetrics all week and will post some of my quick session notes as the week goes on. If you want to follow what everyone is seeing, I advise you check out twemes.com.

The first session was: Deep Data Diving – Bringing Online and Offline Inline w/ Rufus Evison.

13 million pieces of mail every quarter using 9 million variables

Data (is meaningless on its own) -> Information (has context) -> Insight (taking actions based on information)


Justification -> Usability -> Information Strategy

Great Example: Someone had said that they did a test of Gap, Macys and (some other store) with a set number of users. Those users were given $1000 to spend and one hour to spend it in. The worst store had only 5% of its users complete the task of making a purchase. The best one only converted 60%. Is this due to usability?

Talks about the McNamara Fallacy… lots of details

Gives some interesting numbers about loyalty cards, shopping habits and the UK.


– Loyalty cards help us change data -> information

– There is a difference between data and information

There was some Q&A but since this isnt Live Blogging – I didnt take notes for you :)

UPDATE: So that Susan doesnt get mad at me… follow @BruceClayInc for more coverage.

April Fools Joke – IGN

I really was going to stay away from April Fool’s and the jokes and all the assuming everything is a joke – but I failed.

I must give credit to the best, well most costly (Im guessing) and perhaps the most involved joke that I saw today: The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer. You can tell by watching it that it doesnt look “big studio” like but there are parts where they sell it quite well. Overall, the amount of views, exposure, and just the outright creativity shows up everything else I saw today.

Here are some quick stats of what the “trailer” did in less than 20 hours in some cases:

On Myspace.com it has some 530,000 views and 5700 comments

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12 Ways Social Networks are like High School

I got the idea for this post after reading how Drug dealers and software developers were similar. As I do come from a web developer background – I found it quite amusing (and quite sad at the end) and wondered if I could do the same for Social Media.

Below is my feeble attempt to compare High School and Social Networks – enjoy.

High School Social Networks
1.Wanting to be the Prom King/Queen 1.He/she with the most friends is cool
2.Telling everyone that you are great friends with the “plastics” and other “cool” kids 2.Adding all of the “Alist” personalities to your friends list
3.Leaving post it notes in or on lockers 3.Leaving comments and notes on someone’s profile
4.Joining an after hours school club 4.Having “meetups” that revolve around your favorite network/app
5.Liking that exchange student so much you take the language class that they speak 5.Liking some application that you create a mashup using APIs in some programming language you don’t know
6.Writing for your High School newspaper 6.Starting a site to cover everything in the world about Social Networks, the sites, the apps and everything else
7.Being a part of the school’s AV Club 7.Knowing how all the new apps work and trying to explain them to everyone
8.Getting kicked out of school 8.Getting banned from a network
9.Showing off or talking about your new car/phone/gadget 9.Always asking for or talking about invites to the new beta
10.Having mommy and daddy buy you something better than the other gloating kids 10.Showing off your alpha invite via your blog
11.Getting your friends together and tping the school 11.Getting your friends together for a DoS against some network/site/app
12.Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King 12.Damn – got me there. :(

If there are any that just plain out suck – let me know. If you can think of any others that fit, feel free to add them via commenting.

I also have to apologize for breaking down and having a “X things you can do” or “X ways to do X” post title. It was bound to happen eventually I guess.


I was just reading this post again and it hit me – what #12 could be:

12. Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King = 12. Getting bought by Google, Yahoo or some other huge company

Google Changes Paid Ads in March

I have been into photography for a few years and just recently have gotten into video. As I have jumped into video, I have been on the look out for some clean, simple, and fast video editing software.

My search for the software lead me to a few searches tonight on google.com with some odd results appearing. What I saw was seen while I was logged in and not logged in. If you do some of the sample searches below you will notice some strange things along the right side of the search results.

Could this be Google’s answer to get people to look to the right side more often? I also only noticed it in instances where there were not enough ads to fill the right side.

Search Term: Photoshop

Search for Photoshop on Google

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Twitter adds reply to functionality

As I use Twitter more and more I have been talking to more and more people. The only problem is that when you are using the web interface you must type the person’s name in constantly. I often times have used Twitter’s site to go back to what I have missed but then used TwitterFox to reply. I can hit a small arrow within TwitterFox and quickly get a name to come up (its also spelled correctly).

I was just on Twitter (read my Twitter review if you are lost) and realized that I can “reply to” people.

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Seesmic Initial Thoughts

Well I logged into my email tonight and found a Seesmic invitation code. I have put my initial thoughts down here and will follow with a better and more in depth review in the coming weeks hopefully.

  1. Register section is all flash and doesnt seem to let me copy and paste my invitation code. Quite annoying.
  2. Why do services make you register and then login? Are you just checking? If you dont require me to verify who I am via an email link this just becomes a stupid step.
  3. Login failed… tried on a different screen and it worked. Huh?
  4. 10 languages supported – nice. Since my Spanish and German arent all that great – Im sticking with English.
  5. When messing with your settings you can use your camera and get a quick snapshot. I wonder how many people are mad that they cant use their 10 year old Glamour shot they have?
  6. So great – I entered some info and I see what is around but now what? I saw someone with a video title of “3rd attempt to capture and send”. No help/directions? I personally dont like to read them but a few “hints” would be nice.
  7. And well – my digital video cam doesnt seem to want to play nice and it makes me wonder what others are using. I will have to do some digging and work on my camera and my set up and try again.
  8. Finding shows of interest seems to be hard as well. They have a Shows Tab and from a person’s video I can see their followers, but no search functionality. How can I find people/topics that interest me? What if I want to find supporters of a given candidate or people that are cheering for the same Idol

Well that is all I have. Its late and Im not in the mood to watch people I have no interest in tonight. Ill come back soon and try it out some more and let you all know what I like/dont like.

How a blog works.

1. I write the in-depth or not so in-depth content.

2. You stumble across it, del.icio.us to it, follow RSS to it, follow a tweet to it,follow pownce to it, google to it, or find a blog via some other method.

3. You read it, think about it, enjoy it, hate it, dismiss it, scream/hoot/holler at it. In the end you will think something – hopefully. You may or may not follow some links – that is entirely up to you.

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Corporate Blogs Need Love Too

There seems to be a bit of “do as I say and not as I do” going around.

There are some agencies of different types that are talking about the value of blogs and SEO, but don’t quite practice what they preach. It has always irked me when the teacher doesn’t follow his own rules (or recommendations, in this case).

Now, I’m not saying that all agency type companies MUST have a blog; I’m just saying that if you start one you should keep up on it. At the very least, if you cant keep it updated just kill it and avoid the ghost town look.

Neglected blogs cause potential clients to wonder if the company is even still in business. On the web you don’t have a storefront where I can walk up and window shop. Window shopping online is me doing a search, picking a result from the SERPs, clicking on it and reading. If you had a real storefront, you would NEVER let it look like no one has shown up for work in six months, so why would you let your site look like that? If I click and your store looks outdated, unkept, or not relevant, you can consider me gone. Why ignore a chance to win a possible buyer over?

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