Power of Twitter – Companies Respond

So today as always I was following news from SEL, SERoundtable, and the various chatter that goes on within Twitter when I watched something interesting. There are often many interesting conversations that take place ranging from personal, to rants, arguments, theories, what people ate, where people are shopping and so on. This was one of the first times I have seen someone suggest something and get action taken by a web site or company.

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15 TinyURL Alternatives – Shorten your URLS

The past week or so there have been some snags with the once steady TinyURL and URLtea. The two services have started to take on heavy loads with services like Twitter using the APIs and creating a ginormous amount of links.

*Jan 2009 Update* – Scroll down and see the full 17+ list of services. My pick for best service is Zi.ma and a new one (I will be trying out) that is a build your own is URLShrink.

*Aug 2009 Update* – Alot has changed and I have deleted a few and updated some (it appears I had a wrong link for one as well). I will review more and updated the list shortly as services like is.gd, bit.ly, kl.am, and tr.im are all strong services now.

Below are some alternatives to TinyURL and URLtea:

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Is Content still King? Yes it is!

 In the world of SEO there is the constant argument of if Links or Content is King? After some recent purchases by Discovery and CNET I have to say that in terms of money – Content is King.

A month ago Discovery bought How Stuff Works for $250 million.  Well Im still not sure what part of How Stuff Works/How Stuff Works International/Convex Group actually was sold, it doesnt really matter.  Discovery bought a site with an estimated 3.8 million unique users a month and a few thousand articles. HowStuffWorks.com also has the content from Consumerguide.com (I use to work there) and the thousands of reviews that came along with it.

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Gooruze initial thoughts

As I verify my blog on a site I might as well do a quick review of it. Oh and here is your code Mr Gooruze: daver.gooruze.com

Gooruze.com is a Digg for Marketers with some good content and community going on. I havent spent much time on the site as I have been busy in and out of work but plan to dig deeper into it.

I am adding my blog right now and can be found here http://www.gooruze.com/members/daver/ if you are interested. If on the site add me as a friend – otherwise look for a real review when I have a better understanding of the site.

OpenSocial opening the flood gates on Facebook

Just saw the news that a ever growing list of social sites of various types are joining Google and its OpenSocial idea.

As of now the list includes Bebo, Engage.com, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo, Salesforce.com, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING.

I am interested to see how companies will leverage this and who will be the winner from it all (other then Google as it appears).