Sears Centre Review

I plan to keep this short as the venue is nothing special… but the parking? The parking is horrible. I have had to park blocks and blocks away and they still charge you an insane amount.

If you dont know where the Sears Centre is? It is some 45-50 miles outside of Chicago. Yes, it will take you a full hour and more to drive into the Loop. Yet the Sears Centre charges more for parking then they do at Wrigley Field almost.

The Rosemont Horizon… errr AllState Center charges 10-20$ for parking, yet every concert at the Sears Centre charges $20. Why? The Sears Centre is technically out in the sticks and has fields, farms, and some industrial parks around it. They still charge you, sorry, gouge you for parking.

I have started to boycott concerts there simply due to the crazy parking fees.

I would love to see the Shamrox play there, but if they charge me $20 to park there, I will simply go home.

Sorry Sears Centre, this is your Sears Centre review and you fail. Stop with the gouging for parking.

Today is a good day (for non-iphone owners)

Today I am very glad that I am not such a Fan boy of Apple. On Twitter all I have heard about are the following:

  • ibrick
  • “Checked 2 AT&T stores… lines were about 50 deep at both. Not bad, but I’m not gonna go outta my way.” via @kiddisco
  • “Quick, someone make an iPhone fail whale!” via @steverubel
  • Apple’s iPhone 2.0 update is failing (Matt Asay/The Open Road) via@Techmeme
  • “@jasonegan #apple. My phone is essentially bricked since the Apple Store is having problems and I can’t complete the restore process” @omomyid
  • “iBrick is one of the top words on Twitter today. Deja vous.” via @steverubel
  • “Glad I CAN’T get a new iPhone today. Must wait for the latest unlock/jailbreak app before I can even upgrade to 2.0. No rush. T-Mobile FTW!” @clintus

Besides @rustybrick and @photoboy via Twitter, I cant recall a single good thing about today + Apple + AT&T + iphone.

Happy Friday!!!


So here we are on Saturday and the iphone chatter has not died down. The funny part is that most of it is still negative. Oops Apple/AT&T did it again.

  • “I tell ya . . . this single computer synch thing with the iPhone is really annoying. Especially since I 1st synched it with my work comp.” @BrentDPayne
  • ” burlingame iphone wait: 3-4 hours…is it really worth waiting for?…guess I could just put in the 3G card & work while hanging out…hmmm” @TonyAdam
  • “@coplandmj For me, it isn’t even the price. It’s the fact that they aren’t waiting for something that has any unique value that is finite.” @GregBoser
  • ” Retweeting @coplandmj: Favourite this tweet if you’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sick of hearing about iPhones.” @GregBoser
  • ” Two hour line for iPhones at my local mall.” @steverubel

To be fair I thought I would post some positives about the iphone but found very few. I had to go all the way back to page 9 to find just this one:

  • ” Holy jeebus these iPhone apps are rad!” @missrogue

Glad I didnt camp out to get one :)

Lesson in Logo Design

The past few months I have been debating how to have some logos designed and have become stuck. I often see logos I like or hate but never can decide on what direction to go. I am so stuck.

As I think about my problem, a friend sent me an email that only gave me more to worry about. When creating a company name or product you have to worry about what it will mean in different languages. Now, not all of us do – but if you plan on going global you had better do your research.

Back to logos and my problem (this is MY blog you know). So Im stuck on what to have the logos look like and I get this email. It has some samples of what could possibly be the best examples of the worst company logos/names. Take a look at the samples below, and learn from their mistakes:

Wow, what can one say. Why didnt they use a hyphen or something?

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Winter Music Conference is Live on Yahoo

So I was reading on Twitter some and a tweet from Yahoo Live came through – it was for the WMC. No way? The conference I want to go to every year but always fail to plan for?

Yes, that conference. Who wouldnt want to go? Miami in March? Have you looked outside? Chicago just got more snow tonight. *shakes head in shame*

So what is Yahoo Live have to do with the WMC? Well they seem to have 2 cameras set up somewhere at the show. So now everyone can be there – in a way. Hey, its live music, who am I to complain.

The dance floor can be found @

The DJ booth where the DJ *obvious I know* and the lovely Tilly Key are entertaining the camera and chatting are live @

So go enjoy the music people and for all that is going on check out

12 Ways Social Networks are like High School

I got the idea for this post after reading how Drug dealers and software developers were similar. As I do come from a web developer background – I found it quite amusing (and quite sad at the end) and wondered if I could do the same for Social Media.

Below is my feeble attempt to compare High School and Social Networks – enjoy.

High School Social Networks
1.Wanting to be the Prom King/Queen 1.He/she with the most friends is cool
2.Telling everyone that you are great friends with the “plastics” and other “cool” kids 2.Adding all of the “Alist” personalities to your friends list
3.Leaving post it notes in or on lockers 3.Leaving comments and notes on someone’s profile
4.Joining an after hours school club 4.Having “meetups” that revolve around your favorite network/app
5.Liking that exchange student so much you take the language class that they speak 5.Liking some application that you create a mashup using APIs in some programming language you don’t know
6.Writing for your High School newspaper 6.Starting a site to cover everything in the world about Social Networks, the sites, the apps and everything else
7.Being a part of the school’s AV Club 7.Knowing how all the new apps work and trying to explain them to everyone
8.Getting kicked out of school 8.Getting banned from a network
9.Showing off or talking about your new car/phone/gadget 9.Always asking for or talking about invites to the new beta
10.Having mommy and daddy buy you something better than the other gloating kids 10.Showing off your alpha invite via your blog
11.Getting your friends together and tping the school 11.Getting your friends together for a DoS against some network/site/app
12.Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King 12.Damn – got me there. :(

If there are any that just plain out suck – let me know. If you can think of any others that fit, feel free to add them via commenting.

I also have to apologize for breaking down and having a “X things you can do” or “X ways to do X” post title. It was bound to happen eventually I guess.


I was just reading this post again and it hit me – what #12 could be:

12. Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King = 12. Getting bought by Google, Yahoo or some other huge company

Saliva and Drowning Pool Rock the Fuel Room

Last night I headed up to the Fuel Room to catch Saliva and Drowning Pool. I first caught Saliva as part of the opening act for Puddle of Mudd back in October, 2007 @ The Rave in Milwaukee. That was one hell of a good show by Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. Deepfield also put on a good show and rounded out what was one of the better shows from start to finish I have seen.

The Venue

The Fuel Room itself was a bit of a surprise, I am thinking that it holds some 1000 people at most (one source says it tops out at 900) and was filled to capacity Saturday night. It is still new and hasnt taken much of a beating – still has that new and not worn look about it. To the owners – nice touch with the B.B. King poster and Harley hanging on the wall. I also liked the fact that they had waitresses walking about so that you didnt have to leave the small room to fight with everyone at the bar – you can just stand and enjoy the show.

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Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveler

As Chicago gets another 6-10 inches of snow I found the reciving of this joke to be quite timely. Now Im not saying its all that funny, but to those in the Midwest and many on the East coast as well – it has been our nasty snow filled winter.

With out further ado, I present the snow joke.

December 8 6:00 PM

It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow!

December 9
We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole world? Moving here was the best idea I’ve ever had!

Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life!Continue reading

Kid Rock Rocks the House in Milwaukee

If you are someone that knows me at all you already know that I live for music.  If by chance you dont know me all that well – well now you know. I have always been a huge music fan and this has my concert going growing over the past few years.

Tonight was an extremely good and rare show as some legends took the stage at The Eagles Club tonight.  The mix of the crowd was young, old, male, female and generally just all over the spectrum. There was a 55 year old and his wife/girlfriend standing next to kids that were 15 or 16. I even saw two younger kids with their mom there (they did look a bit scared when the front rows turned into a mosh pit).

The show started to the last Kid Rock show (in Chicago just a month or two ago) that I attended. My brother and I arrived in the freezing cold to the venue some 15 minutes early. I was able to get 2 last minute tickets as the show hadnt fully sold out.

Kid Rock in Milwaukee Ticket

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