Watch Super Bowl Live Online

So NBC has the big game this year and similar to what they do with their Sunday Night Football games they will be streaming the Super Bowl live. Other than ESPN I cant honestly say I know of any other network doing live sports events online.

And since my initial review of Sunday Night Football being streamed live on NBC they have continued to improve the UI (even if just slightly) and the performance. So as long as no one is streaming from Netflix, Hulu or trying to watch 5 hours of Adriana Lima you should be fine with NBC’s stream.

So to you NBC I say Kudos and Thanks! Now all of you other networks please start streaming more sporting events as well. And if you happen to be out and about during the game (perhaps out on a beer or chip run) check out the Super Bowl on your mobile device.

Sunday Night Football

What is Customer Service?

Note: This draft, well now post is a year (and change) old and after a few edits I am finally posting it! Since it is still relevant so heck why not post it?! Now the other 10+ drafts that I just deleted… well they will never see the light of day.

I went into my frequent lunchtime location: Chipotle. Now if you want fast good food this is the place – especially if you are a taco/burrito fan.

There is however a drawback to going here. Have you ever seen those Visa Checkcard ads? Where the store is an assembly line that never stops? That is Chipotle.

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Top 10 Reasons why Chicago is a Heartbreaker

So I randomly said something on Twitter tonight and actually got a response: people agreed and said that the tactic was past its prime.

Inspiration for this comes from @kristy, @msaleem, and @monicawright

Well I have 2 words for you: Its not dead just yet. Okay, that was a few more, deal with it.  So without further ado, I present a random off the cuff Top 10 list.

  1. Bulls – Ever since MJ left they have been one.
  2. Italian Beef – They cant be that good for your heart, especially in the quantity of them that we eat here. I do have to admit, they are very very good.
  3. Blackhawks – Another year, another Chicago sports team doing their thing. Notice a trend with the sports teams here yet?
  4. Wisconsin – They have cheese and more cheese and are just 40 miles away. Cheese does the heart good!!
  5. Da Bears – Can we get a QB in the house please? Cutler, you looked good so far so that is a start. Keep it up and stay healthy will you?
  6. Pizza – Deep Dish Chicago Style FTW. If you have ever had some, you know what I am talking about.
  7. Summer – To think that it is the end of August and we still have yet to have a full week of Summer weather.
  8. Politics – As the mayor of Chicago sells off the city, Springfield is 3 for their last 4 (Im pretty certain) in sending Governors to jail.
  9. Six Flags – If they go bankrupt and close Six Flags Great America we will be forced to go to the Dells
  10. Cubs – Need I say more? I love them but really? Natural born heartbreakers they are.

So that is my list, what did I miss? What in (or around) Chicago breaks your heart? I admit I spent all of 5 minutes on this so forgive me on its weakness!

10 Unusual Uses for Twitter

So I have given in and am writing a post that has a number and some list in it – forgive me this one time. This post is in thanks to @aplusk and others that constantly ask questions on Twitter.

You can use Twitter for any number of things but I thought I would just highlight a few of them. So with out further delay, here are some different ways people use Twitter.

  1. Movie Titles – yes this just did happen
  2. Vote Requests – @thejessicadrake & Semmys
  3. Finding New Pickup Lines – #nerdpickuplines
  4. Doing quick polls/research – Polldaddy or just doing a search on a hash tag and counting (what I tend to do)
  5. Charity – @tweeterism
  6. Social Media – asking for stumbles, diggs or other social media pushes
  7. Where to eat/go when you are traveling? – When in a new city just ask Twitter – where’s the food at?
  8. Need a presentation? Ask Twitter. – It worked for @chriswinfield (and I did help him – you’re welcome Chris :D )
  9. Send Money – I found Twippr the other day and I’m not sure about if it is legit or works but it is an interesting idea.
  10. Blocking Shaq – “@livejamie This 6’0″ person wants to block @THE_REAL_SHAQ on Twitter, just for the pure symbolism of it.”

So that is all I have for now but I know you can (and I could if I tried) to think of more. What is your fave?

I Confused Yahoo Answers

I was catching up on email tonight and came across something from last Friday. I totally forgot that during the day I was able to break Yahoo Answers doing a “simple” search.

I have a screen shot of the result of my search but blocked out the search that I was doing.  The search had a “-” in it I do recall, but cant recall much else.  I wish that I had saved or made better notes about what I had searched so that I could spend some time to reproduce it again. Next time I will take better notes – I promise.

I do have to admit that I love the default of “4 decades ago” – you guys/gals get an A+ for that one.

Yahoo Answers Confused

If anyone is able to get this error let me know as Id like to recall exactly what I did to get it.

StumbleUpon & Its Friend Features

Recently I have become for a better word – addicted to StumbleUpon. I cant count the number of laughs and really informative sites about Web Analytics, CSS, and so on that I have found since I started using it more often.

One problem I have come across while using it more was a lack of diversity in the people I followed and was friends with – I keep seeing the same type of photos and articles. Reading what is basically the same article on 4 different sites a day just doesnt do it for me.

This problem lead me to dig deeper and use the relatively new followers/friends feature. I have to admit – I love it. It has helped me expand the number of people I follow and keeps the great sites coming.

That being said, I have noticed two things about the friends and their friend recommendation engine that could use some tweaking.

Meet New Friends

Meet new friends - StumbleUpon

If you look at the pretty image (I suck at Photoshop, sorry), you can see two issues already. I am pretty sure that every time I load this page and see this feature I see at least one avatar that I know is on my friends list. I mean, I dont have THAT many friends so why is it so hard to show me new people? My other complaint with this feature is that it will show me someone that has a whopping total of 35 stumbles. How do I know based on 35 stumbles if they will brighten up my day or help me learn stuff that I never imagined? If I have 3000 stumbles, how about you show me people with at least 10% that number? That seems fair to me. What do you think?

Ignore Friend Request

Ignore Friend Request - StumbleUpon

The next feature that I think should be tweaked is the “Ignore a Friend Request”. Its a bit harsh to have to say yes or no to a request knowing that “You will not receive future friendship notifications from people you ignored. “. I may not know the person or like their stumbles at that moment but people can change cant they? Again, if someone with 15 or 50 or even 10000 stumbles friends me, I have to say yes or no. Why does no mean no forever. How about a 30 day time frame or so?

Imagine you are a new user and have a few stumbles and are trying to figure the whole StumbleUpon thing out. You stumble here and there and you see this nifty “Meet people like you” area and start clicking. You follow a few and you friend a few of them. If you are like me, you will say yes, no and just wait on others (or maybe you always say no/yes). The user thinks nothing of it and a few months down the line goes looking for interesting people and finds you again, then what? Actually, I dont know what happens. I havent been able to test this due to not knowing who has turned me down, so if someone knows exactly what you see, please let me know. :)

So that’s all I got. I finally blog and its to whine/complain – figures eh? To those working on SU – thanks for your work and I look forward to spending many more hours using your addictive site.

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

I have said that I wont do a “Best of 2008” type post and I stand by that. I know 10’s of 100’s or 100’s will but not me.

I will say a few words … well maybe a bit more than a few but I swear … not many.

2008 has been big, fun and great but I’m hoping 2009 to be bigger, funner, and damn fine.

That was all – now go drink, be merry, and read 1000 “Best Of” and “2009 Prediction” posts.

Jaiku Gets an Upgrade, Somewhat

Not that I follow anyone actively or use my account much but it is somewhat interesting to see Google actually do something with one of its purchases.

Like many of the small companies they buy, very little seems to come of the great promise. Do you recall Dodgeball? GrandCentral? Postini? The list goes on and on and only a few have gone on to be integrated or enhanced. I understand that many are bought simply for their technology/people and integrated into bigger projects, but wouldnt it be nice if some were actually nurtured and built out?

Perhaps Jaiku has a chance, we will have to wait and see. Having Jaiku moved over to Google’s servers is a start. Jaiku is in the middle of a remake so that it can be fully hosted as a Google App – which should be interesting as well.

Also, per the email from Jaiku, there are now unlimited invitations available.

We've been working on the Jaiku service over the weekend after
finding an issue with one of our servers on Friday. As part of the
solution, we're moving Jaiku to a Google data center.

This is something that we'd planned to do anyway, as part of our
future transition to Google App Engine. Now that we've moved, we'll
need to ask you to review and accept a new terms of service and
privacy policy.

As a special thank you for your patience, we'd like to throw a
little nest-warming party and open unlimited invitations for Jaiku.

Please sign in at to review and accept the new terms.

Special notice to users of Jaiku Mobile: to reconnect Jaiku Mobile
after agreeing to the new terms, select 'Go Online' from the Options
menu on your phone.

Anyways, it is good to see some time and energy put into a purchase, perhaps Feedburner and some of the other purchases will recieve some Google Love soon as well.

Comcastic or Confusing?

That is what I am asking as I sit and read about Comcast capping bandwidth to 250GB starting October 1st here, here, and here. I personally cant think of a time I have ever used close to that amount, but I am sure that there are those that do. The thing that confuses me is an announcement that Comcast just made a few months ago about some super fast bandwidth.

So let me get this straight with a super quick timeline:

– In April you announce 50Mbps broadband for $149.95 to consumers and $199.95 to businesses (in just a very few areas)

– In August you announce a cap of 250GB a month that starts Oct. 1

Reports say that Comcast was actually trying to cap it in May, just one month after letting some residential and businesses gain access to super fast speeds.

According to the FAQ, they say that only 0.1% or 14,000 subscribers would be impacted. I personally dont think that is a huge number, but the whole odd thing is to allow people to get such fast speeds and then try and cap them. Aren’t you just asking for trouble?

The FAQ about Excessive Use gives a good amount of detail and the fact that it is available online with the content that it has, leads me to wonder what Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas is talking about on

Um, Charlie. If everything that is being said is right there in black and white on your site, how can you simply be “evaluating this service and pricing model to ensure we deliver a great online experience to our customers”?

So this leads me to ask why would they give people that kind of broadband and then cap it just a few months later? Why would you even allow a consumer to have that kind of bandwidth? Perhaps I will ask @comcastcares since he did offer me a way to stop Comcast from sending me marketing materials daily (when I already am a subscriber).

Anyways, I just find the whole thing confusing.

Today is a good day (for non-iphone owners)

Today I am very glad that I am not such a Fan boy of Apple. On Twitter all I have heard about are the following:

  • ibrick
  • “Checked 2 AT&T stores… lines were about 50 deep at both. Not bad, but I’m not gonna go outta my way.” via @kiddisco
  • “Quick, someone make an iPhone fail whale!” via @steverubel
  • Apple’s iPhone 2.0 update is failing (Matt Asay/The Open Road) via@Techmeme
  • “@jasonegan #apple. My phone is essentially bricked since the Apple Store is having problems and I can’t complete the restore process” @omomyid
  • “iBrick is one of the top words on Twitter today. Deja vous.” via @steverubel
  • “Glad I CAN’T get a new iPhone today. Must wait for the latest unlock/jailbreak app before I can even upgrade to 2.0. No rush. T-Mobile FTW!” @clintus

Besides @rustybrick and @photoboy via Twitter, I cant recall a single good thing about today + Apple + AT&T + iphone.

Happy Friday!!!


So here we are on Saturday and the iphone chatter has not died down. The funny part is that most of it is still negative. Oops Apple/AT&T did it again.

  • “I tell ya . . . this single computer synch thing with the iPhone is really annoying. Especially since I 1st synched it with my work comp.” @BrentDPayne
  • ” burlingame iphone wait: 3-4 hours…is it really worth waiting for?…guess I could just put in the 3G card & work while hanging out…hmmm” @TonyAdam
  • “@coplandmj For me, it isn’t even the price. It’s the fact that they aren’t waiting for something that has any unique value that is finite.” @GregBoser
  • ” Retweeting @coplandmj: Favourite this tweet if you’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sick of hearing about iPhones.” @GregBoser
  • ” Two hour line for iPhones at my local mall.” @steverubel

To be fair I thought I would post some positives about the iphone but found very few. I had to go all the way back to page 9 to find just this one:

  • ” Holy jeebus these iPhone apps are rad!” @missrogue

Glad I didnt camp out to get one :)