Or is it?

Why does everything online have to be about the numbers. I have X number of subscribers, I have X number of visitors, I have X number of page views. Bloglines came out with a Top 1000 Blogs today as proof that its all about the numbers. Then the newer service Quantcast is a ComScore/Hitwise type service only free that is too all about the numbers.

These examples again only show X subscribers and X visitors but they dont show the value of those subscribers and visitors.

How engaged are they or how engaged arent they (which is its own post)? How many actually read your RSS? How many click and read more? How many signup, create ad revenue, create affiliate revenue, have some sort of value other then a “I have more friends then you”. This isnt myspace and even there having 10000000 friends for no reason is pointless – unless you like spam.

So if you dont take into account “engagement” you still have the question of value to the bottom line. How much direct or indirect revenue did that subscriber/visitor/bandwidth sucker take up?

Why does no one speak of this?

If you are saying “but its a personal blog” well personal blogs still sell links, advertising, banner ads, affiliate deals, drive consulting gigs, and these all equal some amount of money.

So next time you go touting how many visitors you have I just want you to know I will be more impressed that your site makes $X from X subscribers/visitors.

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