Last night I headed up to the Fuel Room to catch Saliva and Drowning Pool. I first caught Saliva as part of the opening act for Puddle of Mudd back in October, 2007 @ The Rave in Milwaukee. That was one hell of a good show by Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. Deepfield also put on a good show and rounded out what was one of the better shows from start to finish I have seen.

The Venue

The Fuel Room itself was a bit of a surprise, I am thinking that it holds some 1000 people at most (one source says it tops out at 900) and was filled to capacity Saturday night. It is still new and hasnt taken much of a beating – still has that new and not worn look about it. To the owners – nice touch with the B.B. King poster and Harley hanging on the wall. I also liked the fact that they had waitresses walking about so that you didnt have to leave the small room to fight with everyone at the bar – you can just stand and enjoy the show.

The Show

The show last night wasnt as good as the Puddle of Mudd/Saliva show or the recent Kid Rock show but you wont hear me complain. I forgot my ear plugs (did some damage two years ago and have been sporting ear plugs since) and had to made due with TP (yes toilet paper helps, seriously) so that combined with getting there 15 min into the show got me off to a bad start. From there it got better.

I only caught the last 2 songs of the opening band City Sleeps so I cant say much good or bad about them. The sound on the singer seemed a bit low, but thats all I really got on them.

After they finished there was a mad dash for the bathrooms and bar – which left a lot of room open up front. With a push to the front I was able to the front and found a spot along the wall some 10 rows out. I was there the rest of the night chillin’ and enjoying the show.

Drowning Pool

They came out after a 20 or so minute break and played for about 45 minutes or so. I have to admit that the Billy Idol cover they did just flat out rocked – one of the best songs I heard all night. They of course ended the night with counting to 4, as in 1,2,3,4 Let the bodies hit the floor. Place rocked out for that song the most and their set was pretty good. I dont personally own a cd by Drowning Pool but am now thinking of grabbing one or two and using it at the gym. If they dont give you a kick in the pants, I dont know what to tell you.


A wait of some 30 minutes – still not sure why it took so long – Saliva hit the stage. Josey Scott (lead singer) has a way with the crowd, I rarely see singers/bands interact with the crowd as much as he and the rest of the band do. A sure fire way to get the crowd yelling is to say the town’s name you are playing in, and he did it at least 15 times – a few too many I thinks :)

As far as the music – they mixed up the songs with new and old a bit more then I recalled in the past show. There was a slow down in the middle with a few of the “less heavy” songs but quickly picked up the pace and were rocking again. Overall the show was good and Id see them again.

With so many acts to see, its nice to get the feeling they are thankful for the love and support that the fans give. Many times I walk away thinking the band is just going through the motions and is in back counting their money.

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