Office Prank – Cardboard + Free Time

I have seen a wide variety of office jokes and office pranks in my day, and might have even partaken in a few but I have never seen anything like what you will see below.

I have to wonder how the logistics of pulling something like this off. Some of my questions I would ask (in the even I was to… oh… say want to pull the below office prank):

  • How many cardboard boxes did you need to build that office?
  • How many people helped?
  • How many hours per person did it take?
  • Who’s idea was this and can I hire them?
  • Did you use anything other than tape, markers and boxes?
  • How can you possibly have that much free time? Are there any job openings?

And my question to you the reader: What is the best office prank or office joke you ever pulled off?

office prank - cardboard boxes

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