10 Question Twitter Survey Results

So recently I had the brilliant idea to put together a bit of a survey and see how others used Twitter. Well, I did it. I did have to do some twitter whoring to get the 100 responses, but it did work.

I kept it short and sweet and only had 10 questions. Why did I pick 10 questions? Good question.

  1. People like Top 10 lists
  2. Im lazy and only thought of 10 questions
  3. The free software I used limited me to 10
  4. People are lazy, the more questions the more garbage answers Id get

And about my being lazy – as soon as I posted the survey I thought of 3 great questions to ask. Next time I guess, but for now – on to the results.

My Thoughts on the Twitter Survey

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Web 2.0 Sucks

Yes I said it.

– start rant –

Why you ask? If a site requires a user to visit it…. and you cant. It sucks. If a website screws up your order what do you do? You shop somewhere else. If you click to read a review and you get an error what do you do? You hit the back button. So why do we put up with it? Perhaps Loren knows.

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plurk, Seesmic all have (or had) serious down time and outages. I could list more but they all know who they are. How can people join in on the conversation and participate when you are cut off mid sentence? There is nothing like writing an msg/post/anything only to get some lovely 500 internal server error message.

How do any of these services expect to go mainstream and grow? *Yes I know Facebook and Myspace is “main stream” but you get my point.

Services need to stay in Alpha or Beta or AlphaBeta longer and stress test their systems more. So for that next service out there that is “going to change the world”. Go slow, work out your issues, make sure your servers can take a beating and THEN slowly let us bring your service down.

– end rant –

April Fools Joke – IGN

I really was going to stay away from April Fool’s and the jokes and all the assuming everything is a joke – but I failed.

I must give credit to the best, well most costly (Im guessing) and perhaps the most involved joke that I saw today: The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer. You can tell by watching it that it doesnt look “big studio” like but there are parts where they sell it quite well. Overall, the amount of views, exposure, and just the outright creativity shows up everything else I saw today.

Here are some quick stats of what the “trailer” did in less than 20 hours in some cases:

On Myspace.com it has some 530,000 views and 5700 comments

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12 Ways Social Networks are like High School

I got the idea for this post after reading how Drug dealers and software developers were similar. As I do come from a web developer background – I found it quite amusing (and quite sad at the end) and wondered if I could do the same for Social Media.

Below is my feeble attempt to compare High School and Social Networks – enjoy.

High School Social Networks
1.Wanting to be the Prom King/Queen 1.He/she with the most friends is cool
2.Telling everyone that you are great friends with the “plastics” and other “cool” kids 2.Adding all of the “Alist” personalities to your friends list
3.Leaving post it notes in or on lockers 3.Leaving comments and notes on someone’s profile
4.Joining an after hours school club 4.Having “meetups” that revolve around your favorite network/app
5.Liking that exchange student so much you take the language class that they speak 5.Liking some application that you create a mashup using APIs in some programming language you don’t know
6.Writing for your High School newspaper 6.Starting a site to cover everything in the world about Social Networks, the sites, the apps and everything else
7.Being a part of the school’s AV Club 7.Knowing how all the new apps work and trying to explain them to everyone
8.Getting kicked out of school 8.Getting banned from a network
9.Showing off or talking about your new car/phone/gadget 9.Always asking for or talking about invites to the new beta
10.Having mommy and daddy buy you something better than the other gloating kids 10.Showing off your alpha invite via your blog
11.Getting your friends together and tping the school 11.Getting your friends together for a DoS against some network/site/app
12.Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King 12.Damn – got me there. :(

If there are any that just plain out suck – let me know. If you can think of any others that fit, feel free to add them via commenting.

I also have to apologize for breaking down and having a “X things you can do” or “X ways to do X” post title. It was bound to happen eventually I guess.


I was just reading this post again and it hit me – what #12 could be:

12. Hooking up with the Prom Queen or King = 12. Getting bought by Google, Yahoo or some other huge company

What do kids do when you ground them?

My office is nearby a high school that has an open campus and many frequent the small bagel shop I do at lunch. While at eating lunch today I overheard some high school girls talking about this, that and some kid named “Jimmy”. Well I didnt over hear them so much as they were talking over everything else going on.

Today’s topic that caught my ear was: “Jimmy got grounded”. It seems that Jimmy (not his real name) was grounded for doing something and wasnt too happy about it. Im assuming he was smart and didnt put up a fight and risk a longer sentence. What he did do was turn on his PC/Mac and make a movie about how pissed he was regarding the whole ordeal.

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