Twitterlicious Review

Twitterlicious is a windows application for Twitter (obviously). It uses the API as all Twitter applications do (well, the “good” ones) but is a desktop application. There are some other desktop applications but many of the ones I have looked at and used in the past were web based (TwitterFox).

Twitterlicious Features:

  • Small and concise UI
  • Hides itself in the system tray when not needed, and offers pop up notification
  • Displays the read and unread status of tweets
  • Allows you to control the refresh rate
  • And more – see the site for a complete list

Twitterlicious Screenshot

Twitterlicious Screenshot

Twitterlicious Quick Commands:

  • Ctrl + W — minimise the Twitterlicious main window.
  • Ctrl + R — refresh.
  • Ctrl + K — mark all twits as read.
  • Ctrl + Return — send update (same as clicking “Go”)
  • And many more

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15 TinyURL Alternatives – Shorten your URLS

The past week or so there have been some snags with the once steady TinyURL and URLtea. The two services have started to take on heavy loads with services like Twitter using the APIs and creating a ginormous amount of links.

*Jan 2009 Update* – Scroll down and see the full 17+ list of services. My pick for best service is and a new one (I will be trying out) that is a build your own is URLShrink.

*Aug 2009 Update* – Alot has changed and I have deleted a few and updated some (it appears I had a wrong link for one as well). I will review more and updated the list shortly as services like,,, and are all strong services now.

Below are some alternatives to TinyURL and URLtea:

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