Yahoo's Site Explorer gets a new look

Im not sure why I happen to jump over to look at Site Explorer at 2AM on a Sunday, but I did. I found quite a bit more than I had expected.

It seems that sometime in the past few days Yahoo went and updated the look of the results for Site Explorer. As you can see from the image below and from the actual results, I learned that Yahoo really doesnt like to index my site. Oops.

Yahoo Explorer Update

I dont know if I like them better or worse but the results do appear more compact then the previous design.

Evri Review

Evri LogoI constantly sign-up for Betas and Alphas and usually Im let down. I know that its a Beta/Alpha but I just dont see a use for many of the products I look at. Times when I do see promise, they are so far from being scalable and full featured that I simply move on to the next “great” thing. Im not sure where fits with my past Beta looks but I have liked what Ive seen so far.

People, Places, and Things

On the “main page” you get the option to view by People, Places and Things but that is it. Where is the search? I like how you show me what is popular but I want what I want. Perhaps a directory or something would be an option if they are trying to silo people to only look at “main topics”.

Evri main portal page

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