10 Unusual Uses for Twitter

So I have given in and am writing a post that has a number and some list in it – forgive me this one time. This post is in thanks to @aplusk and others that constantly ask questions on Twitter.

You can use Twitter for any number of things but I thought I would just highlight a few of them. So with out further delay, here are some different ways people use Twitter.

  1. Movie Titles – yes this just did happen http://twitter.com/aplusk/status/1182313837
  2. Vote Requests – @thejessicadrake & Semmys
  3. Finding New Pickup Lines – #nerdpickuplines
  4. Doing quick polls/research – Polldaddy or just doing a search on a hash tag and counting (what I tend to do)
  5. Charity – @tweeterism
  6. Social Media – asking for stumbles, diggs or other social media pushes
  7. Where to eat/go when you are traveling? – When in a new city just ask Twitter – where’s the food at?
  8. Need a presentation? Ask Twitter. – It worked for @chriswinfield (and I did help him – you’re welcome Chris :D )
  9. Send Money – I found Twippr the other day and I’m not sure about if it is legit or works but it is an interesting idea.
  10. Blocking Shaq – “@livejamie This 6’0″ person wants to block @THE_REAL_SHAQ on Twitter, just for the pure symbolism of it.”

So that is all I have for now but I know you can (and I could if I tried) to think of more. What is your fave?

New Marketing Campagin? Grab the Username

So Im up and about on a Sunday morning and am catching up on the last 12 hours of Twitter – you can miss some good stories/link drops.  After finding a few interesting articles I come across a bit of a fight between @whoppervirgins and @theBKlounge which you can see here:

@whoppervirgins vs @the BKlounge

Now I find it funny that @theBKlounge sent a cease and desist over Twitter but as a Marketer I have to wonder why BK didnt do a land grab and register @whoppervirgins itself? Lesson learned for BK (I hope).

For everyone – if you are starting a new campaign (especially one that is based around viral marketing), you should be sure to own all of the related usernames/handles.

Twitter WordPress Plugin

For a long time I have heard good things about twitterfeed but much like graywolf I hate to use 3rd party applications that ask for my username and password. So what else could I do but go on a hunt for a Twitter WordPress plugin?

I did a seach on WordPress for “twitter” and found some possible options but only 2 really stood out as probables:


Twitpress is a simple and straight forward plugin. It gives you few options but does the job. You can customize the tweet but that is about it.

One problem I have with Twitpress is that the permalink option does not work. Im sure that I could go in and figure it out, but thats not the point :). The permalink is suppose to look like “domain.com/index.php?/twitpress” and not like this:

Twitpress result

Overall, Twitpress will get the job done but its not my favorite Twitter WordPress plugin.

Twitter updater w/ TinyURL

Twitter updater has some nice bells and whistles that Twitpress does not have. You can define when you post to Twitter and get a few more options. The link is also clean and short due to the use of TinyURL, but I am greedy and would like to see some alternatives to TinyURL available.

The options though do favor Twitter updater. You can update Twitter when you create a new post (status is saved but not published), edit a post (re-save but not publish), publish a new post or edit a post. Like I said, quite a few options.

The TinyURL integration is handy due to the fact that some blog links can get very long. Take a look at what it looked like for me:

Twitpress result

As you can see, it is clean and simple. The ability to change the wording for each action is also quite handy. I think going forward I am going to stick with Twitter updater as my WordPress 2 Twitter application.

10 Question Twitter Survey Results

So recently I had the brilliant idea to put together a bit of a survey and see how others used Twitter. Well, I did it. I did have to do some twitter whoring to get the 100 responses, but it did work.

I kept it short and sweet and only had 10 questions. Why did I pick 10 questions? Good question.

  1. People like Top 10 lists
  2. Im lazy and only thought of 10 questions
  3. The free software I used limited me to 10
  4. People are lazy, the more questions the more garbage answers Id get

And about my being lazy – as soon as I posted the survey I thought of 3 great questions to ask. Next time I guess, but for now – on to the results.

My Thoughts on the Twitter Survey

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Today is a good day (for non-iphone owners)

Today I am very glad that I am not such a Fan boy of Apple. On Twitter all I have heard about are the following:

  • ibrick
  • “Checked 2 AT&T stores… lines were about 50 deep at both. Not bad, but I’m not gonna go outta my way.” via @kiddisco
  • “Quick, someone make an iPhone fail whale!” via @steverubel
  • Apple’s iPhone 2.0 update is failing (Matt Asay/The Open Road) http://tinyurl.com/5mjjhw via@Techmeme
  • “@jasonegan #apple. My phone is essentially bricked since the Apple Store is having problems and I can’t complete the restore process” @omomyid
  • “iBrick is one of the top words on Twitter today. Deja vous. http://summize.com/search?q=iBrick” via @steverubel
  • “Glad I CAN’T get a new iPhone today. Must wait for the latest unlock/jailbreak app before I can even upgrade to 2.0. No rush. T-Mobile FTW!” @clintus

Besides @rustybrick and @photoboy via Twitter, I cant recall a single good thing about today + Apple + AT&T + iphone.

Happy Friday!!!


So here we are on Saturday and the iphone chatter has not died down. The funny part is that most of it is still negative. Oops Apple/AT&T did it again.

  • “I tell ya . . . this single computer synch thing with the iPhone is really annoying. Especially since I 1st synched it with my work comp.” @BrentDPayne
  • ” burlingame iphone wait: 3-4 hours…is it really worth waiting for?…guess I could just put in the 3G card & work while hanging out…hmmm” @TonyAdam
  • “@coplandmj For me, it isn’t even the price. It’s the fact that they aren’t waiting for something that has any unique value that is finite.” @GregBoser
  • ” Retweeting @coplandmj: Favourite this tweet if you’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sick of hearing about iPhones.” @GregBoser
  • ” Two hour line for iPhones at my local mall.” @steverubel

To be fair I thought I would post some positives about the iphone but found very few. I had to go all the way back to page 9 to find just this one:

  • ” Holy jeebus these iPhone apps are rad!” @missrogue

Glad I didnt camp out to get one :)

TweetDeck Review

Another day, another Twitter Application. TweetDeck is built much like Twirl in that it is build on the Adobe Air platform, but little else appears to be the same.

TweetDeck has all of the same options you can get in the web version of Twitter, or in applications such as Twirl, Twitterfox, or a Twitterlicious. You can Re-tweet, Direct Message, and Reply to anyone of your friends. It is missing the “Save to Faves” functionality at this time but I imagine that it will be added at some point.

TweetDeck does some have some great features that you may be interested however:

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Web 2.0 Sucks

Yes I said it.

– start rant –

Why you ask? If a site requires a user to visit it…. and you cant. It sucks. If a website screws up your order what do you do? You shop somewhere else. If you click to read a review and you get an error what do you do? You hit the back button. So why do we put up with it? Perhaps Loren knows.

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plurk, Seesmic all have (or had) serious down time and outages. I could list more but they all know who they are. How can people join in on the conversation and participate when you are cut off mid sentence? There is nothing like writing an msg/post/anything only to get some lovely 500 internal server error message.

How do any of these services expect to go mainstream and grow? *Yes I know Facebook and Myspace is “main stream” but you get my point.

Services need to stay in Alpha or Beta or AlphaBeta longer and stress test their systems more. So for that next service out there that is “going to change the world”. Go slow, work out your issues, make sure your servers can take a beating and THEN slowly let us bring your service down.

– end rant –

TwitterFox Review

TwitterFox was named using the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid… or was it keep it stupid simple?). TwitterFox was created by Naan Studio and was originally known as TwitterNotifier. I must say, glad you all changed the name.

If you are lost and wondering what the heck Twitter even is, I suggest you go read my Twitter review and follow me (@daver) on Twitter, and then come back when you are done.

For those still with us, “Lets Get it On” (quote by Big John McCarthy)

Download TwitterFox

What? Where? Take your pick:

  1. TwitterFox Firefox Add-ons page
  2. Or from the source itself

I encourage you to use the Mozilla site (option 1) to get it. If you have never installed a plug in – you will need to allow the Mozilla domain to install. For those of us that have 50 extensions already – just wait and you know the drill.

Ready, Set, Spam Annoy Tweet

You will see a shadow of the Twitter logo in the bottom of Firefox just like this:

Right click on the icon, and select preferences and then Add Account. First you need to add your username and your password. Depending on how often you tweet or want to be distracted from work, is how you should set the “Get tweets” setting. When Im at work I have it set to 15 minutes, at home its set to 3 minutes.

Assuming you know what your password is – you are now good to go. If you are lacking in friends, I suggest you go and take a look at the Twitter Marketing list that Brian put together.

If you already have a ton of friends you will see something similar to this:

When you get @ replies they will show up green in the… wait for it… Replies Tab. Who would have thunk it?

There is a tab for DM(direct messages) but I think you get the drift by now.

So what do you think Dave?

I thought you would never ask.

I have tried Twitterlicious and have started to test Twirl. So far I have to say Im loving TwitterFox. Twirl seems great thus far as well as its very similar to TwitterFox except for the fact that it is an application with multiple user functionality (really, that is the main difference that I see). The multiple user functionality is nice but I dont need it THAT much just right now. Also, with how well TwitterFox works in Firefox and how easy it is to open/close and move on it is – I dont know if Id convert to anything other than TwitterFox.

There are a few things that I would like to see changed and Id really never need another Twitter (messaging) app:

  • Multiple user functionality
  • Telling me my password is incorrect. I cant recall my password when I login and out at times and it lets me “appear” to log in. How do I know its wrong? * I think this was due to FF, but you never know.
  • Give me a way to turn off the shading for “read” posts.

Not sold on TwitterFox like me? Check out these reviews:

Still think TwitterFox rocks your sock?

Then go download TwitterFox, set it up, and follow @naan on Twitter and thank him for this sweet FF extension. Be sure to send him a message from TwitterFox will ya and not from one of those other crappy twitter tools?