TwitterFox Review

TwitterFox was named using the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid… or was it keep it stupid simple?). TwitterFox was created by Naan Studio and was originally known as TwitterNotifier. I must say, glad you all changed the name.

If you are lost and wondering what the heck Twitter even is, I suggest you go read my Twitter review and follow me (@daver) on Twitter, and then come back when you are done.

For those still with us, “Lets Get it On” (quote by Big John McCarthy)

Download TwitterFox

What? Where? Take your pick:

  1. TwitterFox Firefox Add-ons page
  2. Or from the source itself

I encourage you to use the Mozilla site (option 1) to get it. If you have never installed a plug in – you will need to allow the Mozilla domain to install. For those of us that have 50 extensions already – just wait and you know the drill.

Ready, Set, Spam Annoy Tweet

You will see a shadow of the Twitter logo in the bottom of Firefox just like this:

Right click on the icon, and select preferences and then Add Account. First you need to add your username and your password. Depending on how often you tweet or want to be distracted from work, is how you should set the “Get tweets” setting. When Im at work I have it set to 15 minutes, at home its set to 3 minutes.

Assuming you know what your password is – you are now good to go. If you are lacking in friends, I suggest you go and take a look at the Twitter Marketing list that Brian put together.

If you already have a ton of friends you will see something similar to this:

When you get @ replies they will show up green in the… wait for it… Replies Tab. Who would have thunk it?

There is a tab for DM(direct messages) but I think you get the drift by now.

So what do you think Dave?

I thought you would never ask.

I have tried Twitterlicious and have started to test Twirl. So far I have to say Im loving TwitterFox. Twirl seems great thus far as well as its very similar to TwitterFox except for the fact that it is an application with multiple user functionality (really, that is the main difference that I see). The multiple user functionality is nice but I dont need it THAT much just right now. Also, with how well TwitterFox works in Firefox and how easy it is to open/close and move on it is – I dont know if Id convert to anything other than TwitterFox.

There are a few things that I would like to see changed and Id really never need another Twitter (messaging) app:

  • Multiple user functionality
  • Telling me my password is incorrect. I cant recall my password when I login and out at times and it lets me “appear” to log in. How do I know its wrong? * I think this was due to FF, but you never know.
  • Give me a way to turn off the shading for “read” posts.

Not sold on TwitterFox like me? Check out these reviews:

Still think TwitterFox rocks your sock?

Then go download TwitterFox, set it up, and follow @naan on Twitter and thank him for this sweet FF extension. Be sure to send him a message from TwitterFox will ya and not from one of those other crappy twitter tools?