SuperBowl + Pepsi + Youtube

So I am on Youtube looking up a new band that I found thanks to @KimSherrell. The SuperBowl has just been over for some 50 minutes and Pepsi already has ads up. The ad even is giving its congrats to Pittsburgh for winning – holy fastness Batman.

Pepsi ad after the SuperBowl on Youtube

The ad is nice, clean and big but um, who is Will Arnett?? I had to look him up to figure it out. Was he even in one of their ads tonight? No idea as they had a bunch and I just watched a few hours of football and ads.

Oh well – nice try with the ad guys.

April Fools Joke – IGN

I really was going to stay away from April Fool’s and the jokes and all the assuming everything is a joke – but I failed.

I must give credit to the best, well most costly (Im guessing) and perhaps the most involved joke that I saw today: The Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer. You can tell by watching it that it doesnt look “big studio” like but there are parts where they sell it quite well. Overall, the amount of views, exposure, and just the outright creativity shows up everything else I saw today.

Here are some quick stats of what the “trailer” did in less than 20 hours in some cases:

On it has some 530,000 views and 5700 comments

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What do kids do when you ground them?

My office is nearby a high school that has an open campus and many frequent the small bagel shop I do at lunch. While at eating lunch today I overheard some high school girls talking about this, that and some kid named “Jimmy”. Well I didnt over hear them so much as they were talking over everything else going on.

Today’s topic that caught my ear was: “Jimmy got grounded”. It seems that Jimmy (not his real name) was grounded for doing something and wasnt too happy about it. Im assuming he was smart and didnt put up a fight and risk a longer sentence. What he did do was turn on his PC/Mac and make a movie about how pissed he was regarding the whole ordeal.

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