My office is nearby a high school that has an open campus and many frequent the small bagel shop I do at lunch. While at eating lunch today I overheard some high school girls talking about this, that and some kid named “Jimmy”. Well I didnt over hear them so much as they were talking over everything else going on.

Today’s topic that caught my ear was: “Jimmy got grounded”. It seems that Jimmy (not his real name) was grounded for doing something and wasnt too happy about it. Im assuming he was smart and didnt put up a fight and risk a longer sentence. What he did do was turn on his PC/Mac and make a movie about how pissed he was regarding the whole ordeal.

Now I didnt hear what he did or what he said, but it appears the girls were all excited to get home and watch Jimmy. I guess the new way for teens to get out their angst is do a Chris Crocker type rant and post it on Youtube.

So to all you parents out there – watch Youtube and you may just see your angry child. You may find out what he really did or thinks of you. I cant wait till a recruiter does a search in a few years and finds all of the “great” things you did in high school and college.

I get the feeling that the Myspace generation is going to find that showing the world what you did while drunk and in college wasnt such a good idea. If you are going to put them up, do yourself a favor – keep them PG will you?

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